Why join?

It is all about speed and how you can make data-driven decisions, based on your contracts. Now.

You will get the insights and practice to prepare your organization, and yourself as a professional, to meet and lead transformation within the legal and contracting of your business. Starting to see immediate results. Now.

Taking part strengthens your own ability to transform, automate, and digitalize. This event is not a day off, it is a fun part of work. Truly contributing to your success. Now.

Who should join? 

Chief Legal Officers, CDO’s, Project Managers, Sales, CFO’s, Commercial roles. 

Anyone looking to help their customers and users eager to move

forward in business with contracts capable of solving complex problems

and with an engaging and interactive look.

Future of Contracting creates the perfect setting for you to interact

with the pioneers, the inventors, and the action-driven


What is the content? 

An immersive experience with international speakers and hands-on practice to give you a boost to go back to the office, get down to work and transform.

Learn from real-life cases to solve and re-design. It's a hands-on learning experience with interesting speakers delivering the latest knowledge in a TED Talk-style format.

In an inspirational venue, we will converge to exchange the best ideas.